Game Rules & Instructions

Needs to play:

- You need a smartphone or tablet, along with a bluetooth speaker.

- If available, use an old phone or any tablet to avoid interruptions and to be used to pass around for music selection.

- It is suggested to use paid versions of music applications such as: Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, to avoid commercials.

DND Mode is highly suggested

“Guided Access” Mode (iPhone) is suggested, which will lock device to access only the music app.

How to play:

Determine the order of players (Can be decided by Host)

Select a card: Play the best song based on the selected card (It is important to read the vibe of the room and not just play any song)

1. Each time it is a player’s turn to select a card they have options: 

- A player can choose NOT to select a card and “Keep the vibe” of the previous card selected by the player prior to you.

- Skip the card selected and select a new card (Only Once per turn)

- NOTE: If you select a card and switch the vibe and the crowd (All players in the room) don’t agree, the player takes a shot and is deducted a point.

2. While the song is being played, the crowd (All players in the room) determines if it was a “banger” (A good song) or not. If not, the player has to take a shot and deduct 1 point from point total. If it is a banger that player gets 1 point.

3. First player to reach point total wins the game.

- Point total should be determined before game starts

- 5 - 10 points suggested; should be based on number of players; if there are 10+ players lesser point totals may work best

Types of Cards:

Freestyle Card: This card features a phrase that a player will have to pick the best song to match what is said on the card and match the vibe of the room.

Versus Card: This card features artists, music genres or a phrase. The DJ that selects this card will choose another DJ to have a song for song battle based on the topic of the card selected.

If the card features multiple artists or phrases, the DJ who selects the card chooses the artist or phrase they want, but the other DJ chooses who goes first.

If the crowd is unable to determine a winner the host has to be a tie breaker.

“Keep it Going” Card: This card features a category that all DJs must play a song from.

1 song should be played per person, 1 time around the room. A new card can be selected after all turns are complete.

Shot Card: Make a DJ take a shot and deduct a point from their total or you can hold this card to protect yourself from a point reduction.

Overall Rules and Scenarios:

- No repeated songs (automatic shot!)

- Any song that is played during the game has no limit of how long it should or can be played, however if the song is cut off before the “hype” part, too soon or prematurely, the responsible DJ has to take a shot and deduct a point. (Majority rules on this)